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How To Slap Down A Indoor Playground


indoor playgroundThis is a question I get asked very often when I tell folks that I own a play café. « Is that like an indoor play gym with slides and rock climbing structures and trampolines? » I guess that’s what happens when you introduce an entirely new concept to your city.
Indoor playgrounds have been around for a while, and there are many of them in our city of Burlington and neighbouring cities of Oakville and Hamilton. They are the places you take your kids to when they want to burn off their energy when it is too cold outside to go to the playground, or when you don’t want them to tear your house apart. They’re the places where your kids can run around through mazes, climb ropes, and slide down slides and let out all of the crazy!
It was actually at an indoor jungle gym equipment park the idea of Chickadee Family Cafe was born in my head. I had taken my then two-and-a-half year old into a popular indoor play space within our hometown Burlington and strove to keep him up as he ran down slides and through mazes. I crouched into tiny corners chasing my little man around and came out completely exhausted (proceed, insert jokes about how out of shape I’m here).
As soon as I arose from the play structures, I looked around me at the other parents. Many were standing around trying to keep a visual on their own kids’ whereabouts. Some were phoning their kids’ names, trusting that they weren’t stuck in a maze…’trigger c am on, most of us know no adult really wants to need to climb all of the way up those arrangements to regain a crying kid. Mostly, they seemed bored and exhausted. Maybe their children woke up at 6am too.
Do not get me wrong, there was lots of laughter and giggles. I had fun with my son, which was the major purpose of visiting the indoor playground, but in a place full of other moms and dads around my age with children around my son’s age, there was a huge chance for building connection with my community that I felt was completely overlooked. As a new resident of Burlington I wanted to associate with other parents. But the atmosphere didn’t actually lend itself to using an actual conversation.
I started to research what was out there to get some quality mommy — son time that didn’t need me to crawl on my hands and knees and then squeeze my butt through a tunnel fit for a toddler. I found play cafes. Play cafes are comparatively new to Canada, but are around the united kingdom, Australia and the US for several years. A drama café blends the needs of both parents and kids, fueling parents with caffeinated beverages while providing ample play space for kids to explore and have fun.
Play cafes take the community-focused way of a café and incorporate a play area for kids. In Chickadee Family Caféwe provide that coffee shop atmosphere which you are utilized to sipping your latte in as well as a fun child-friendly environment filled with creative and toys based drama actions. When the play space is closed along with the kiddos are in bed, our space can quickly transform into an evening meeting space for parent workshops, a couples’ date night or a meeting place for mompreneurs.
While most indoor playgrounds either do not provide food or function up fast food choices or vending machine snacks, a play café is a full-service café with espresso based drinks along with a hearty menu of healthy snacks and lunch items.
A play café is a bridge between an early years’ center and your local trendy café. Most play cafes offer parent and child classes and parenting supports through workshops and support groups, many things you can anticipate in Chickadee Family Café.
I expect that helped to clarify the gap between an indoor park and a play café.

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